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Dog Guard Out-of-Sight Fencing is a safe, affordable alternative to traditional fencing, which uses a veterinarian-approved combination of animal training and state-of-the art electronics. A thin boundary wire installed just below ground level conveys a radio signal to a small, lightweight receiver attached to the dog's collar. When the pet attempts to cross the boundary, the wire transmits a signal to receiver. If the pet ignores the signal it receives a mild correction.

As a result of our attention to detail, DOG GUARD maintains technical superiority over our competitors. All of our transmitters and receivers are tested three times during the manufacturing process.

Capable of covering up to 50 acres, these units have three user-friendly indicator lights to let you know that the system is working properly and an audible alert to let you know if the system malfunctions.
The receiver is designed to provide up to 32 levels of adjustable stimulation and can be ordered with or without a one-second delay. The delay provides a warning tone before correction occurs. The receiver has a failsafe feature which will shutdown the unit after thirty seconds of activation. It will only reactivate when it has been removed from the signal field for at least ten seconds. The receivers are 100% waterproof and all come with a lifetime warranty.
Room Transmitter
The Room Transmitter is a small wall mounted device that is designed for containing or restraining pets in designated areas of the home. The Room Transmitter emits a 360 degree signal that is adjustable up to 10 feet. The indicator light is steady when ready and flashes if a problem is detected.
Panamax Surge Protector
Featuring "Protect or Disconnect" Circuitry, Panamax Surge Protector's protect your valuable Dog Guard System against rare and catastrophic surges and direct lightning strikes.
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