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Why Dog Guard
  • Lifetime Warranty on all equipment and receiver collar - including chew damage!
  • Lifetime Containment guaranteed!
  • Heavy-duty polyethylene, waterproof, and UV-proof wire installed. UL listed wire is guaranteed for 10 years against breakdown.
  • Patented receiver collars use AM frequencies (better than FM), coded with transmitter, has to recognize pre-selected code 3 times before your dog gets corrected. Immune to stray signals.
  • All installations come with 1 year of batteries at no extra charge!
  • Powerful, 50-acre transmitter installed (1/4 acre to 50 acres).
  • Transmitter has a "Dual Zone" feature that provides 2 levels of correction to prevent dogs from running through signal field.
  • Transmitter has 32 levels of correction - which you can change without having an expensive service fee.
  • Patented external lightening protection - plus internal surge protection.
  • Training provided - not limited to 1 or 2 visits!
  • If you move, simply take the hardware with you and have it reinstalled by one of our factory trained dealers across the USA
  • Indoor systems available.
  • Plenty of references - including veterinarians - and Donald Trump!
  • All our products are made in the USA (Troy, NY) by Americans.
  • All products are 100% quality tested during manufacturing and retested by our technicians before installation.
  • Adjustable nylon collar ensures proper fit and comfort.
  • 100% waterproof collar - giving your pet the freedom to swim and enjoy the outdoors.
  • We use 14-guage, 45 mil. polyethylene coated wire which is burial approved and guaranteed and won't break down due to moisture or other elements.
  • Superior customer support - our technicians are only a phone call away.
see our FAQ page for more information

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